HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)
HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)
HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)
HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)
HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)
HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)
HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)
HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)

HeatsBox PRO (App-connected)

Heat up your home-cooked meals
with HeatsBox - anywhere, anytime.

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SFr 149.00 CHF

Heat up your meals with the HeatsBox within minutes - APP-controlled!

HeatsBox by Faitron is the perfect heating lunchbox to heat up your home-cooked meals quickly and easy at the office or on the Go - all natural heating. No microwave rays!

The HeatsBox APP allows you to control all parameters of the heating process from temperature to the way of heating. We also newly added the cooking feature to our APP - if you had no time to pre-cook at home, just cook freshly!

Key functions:
+ Individual temperature control (40-85°C) 
+ 3 different heating mode incl. newly developed cooking function!
+ Timer function (e.g. ready by 12.30pm) and the food will be ready at that time
+ Patented multi-sided heating technology

+ 950ml volume 
+ Stainless Steel inner dish
+ Leakproof
+ 100W multi-sided heating 
+ BLT controlled
+ Only 800g weight
+ Color: black with red rubbers

HeatsBox APP (free):
+ Android & iOS
+ Available in the following languages: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

+ HeatsBox PRO
+ Stainless Steel Inner Dish (removable)
+ Lid for the Inner Dish
+ Divider
+ Power Cable (1.5m)
+ User Manual

2 Years Warranty

You need more inner dishes? Buy the Inner Dish Set for more!

*By purchasing the HeatsBox, the buyer accepts the Terms of Services

Material: PP, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Food Safety: Food-grade materials
Heating Technology: Multi-sided heating
Connectivity:Bluetooth 4th Generation
Power:102 W
Voltages: 220-240 V
Cable Length: 160cm
Max. Temp: 85°C
Inner Dish: 925ml volume
Ext. Dimensions:225x180x74 mm
Net Weight:850g

Faitron warrants to the original purchaser that the Product will be free from material defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of your purchase, unless longer minimum periods are required under mandatory laws in your jurisdiction (“Warranty Period”). This Warranty applies to hardware products and accessories marked with the “HeatsBox” trade name or logo and containing a valid Faitron and/or HeatsBox serial number which were sold/purchased our website or from an authorized reseller.

By purchasing the HeatsBox, the buyer accepts the Terms of Services. Due to high demand, the HeatsBox is currently sold out. Orders placed now will be delivered in December, when the HeatsBox is back in stock.